I want to write more often, but what to write about.

Been looking and collecting info on preparing for natural or societal disasters. But how to do it. I get a bit overwhelmed, especially as being disabled it is very difficult financially and physically to do any of the “prepping”!

Lost Ty in March. Been feeling very conflicted about what to do with Odin.

I have so much knowledge and what I don’t know I research, but how to share it. .  . .



I’ve been looking for a new horse for awhile.

Ty (Tiberius, my dressage partner) is 20 now, and I’m not up to the level of riding he needs. He’s extremely well trained, and was doing 3rd level movements. And he isn’t a trail horse, too spooky and not fun to ride out of the arena.  So he is semi retired, unless someone needs lessons on a school horse.

The horse we’ve had for a couple years now, Karrah, just isn’t working out. We don’t click. I don’t trust her and I think she doesn’t like me. So, she will need a different partner than me.

I needed a horse that is very stout, with thick leg bones, big feet and big knees. So my weight wouldn’t be too much for em. I wanted one that is not too tall, and relatively laid back. Not spooky. A horse that I could do anything with. A horse that, together, we would do loads of trails, mountain trips, beach rides. A little showing, a little dressage, a little light gaming. Lots of hanging out and spending time with what I hope is my dream horse.

I wanted a horse with decent conformation. Didn’t have to be fancy, just well put together. A decent shoulder slope, short backed, well put together, nicely slopped pasterns and enough angularity in the hind end to be able to compress and have strength and power. No straight shouldered, straight hind end, pasterns, hocks etc. My back can’t take the jack hammer pounding of a horse with that bad conformation.

I needed a horse that was fairly quiet, no arabs or thoroughbreds need apply! I’ve had 2 back surgeries (which mostly fixed some paralysis and loss of function) and compressed discs continue to plaque me. My hip are bad and very painful. Add in the Fibromyalgia, and other physical issues, and safety and comfort are paramount!!

It was important that it be a horse that I could bond with. Someone, that together we would develop a strong trusting partnership that would last for many years. And I didn’t want a horse that was older, say past 8-9 years old. Young enough that we could be together into my late 60’s and 70’s!

I’ve always wanted a colored horse, a bay pinto coloring was my preference, or a striking buckskin. But the color wasn’t the first consideration. You don’t ride and interact with the color on the hair. You work and ride the horse inside the skin! color is just a bonus, if the horse is great in all other aspects.

Rita and I decided to spend some of her inheritance (Dad) on a really good horse for me. It’s a good time to buy horses. The economy has lowered horse prices, and, generally, winter also reduce prices.

I wasn’t looking for a Gypsy cob/vanner. And was annoyed that everyone was so enamored of these “pretty” horses with huge amounts of hair! Most of them have horrible conformation! Steep jack hammer legs and shoulder, mismatched conformation, just not a horse built for anything but pulling a cart! And they are so expensive! Besides, who wants to deal with Oregon mud and all that hair! So,  they were NOT a horse I wanted.

In looking at Dream Horse and Equine.com, etc, I found a horse that looked interesting. So I called the seller. Turned out the 6 yr old mare was sold, but her 2 1/2 year old son was still for sale. I wasn’t interested in such a young horse. But after talking to Gretchen, he sounded more and more like a potential horse for me.

He’d only had 60 days of training, but was doing really well. I looked at his pictures, and other then being a growing boy (butt high, LOL) he looked well coupled and had fairly good conformation. AND he’s got really thick legs, feet, knees, etc, and should only be around 15.1 or .2 hands tall when he finishes growing. While he will need lots of work to help him grow up into a great horse, he seemed like a real possibility!

AND he is a Gypsy…. But not too heavily feathered and he IS a nicely marked dark bay and white Tobiano. And he is CUTE!


Yesterday, I went to Lakeview Oregon to see him. I’ll write more about the trip and evaluating him, etc, later.  Short story; long trip (left at 5 am, got back at 11:30 pm, Its 5-6 hours to get to Lakeview from here!), liked him, bought him, brought him home!

Hello world!

November 29, 2012

My plan for this blog is to keep track of the journey I am on. The journey that I hope leads to a partnership with a great horse. A journey that I hope takes me all over the state and lots of fun experiences!